Tell to the pediatrist

Tell to the pediatrist Be attentive and watch behavior of the child.

Tell to the pediatrist about any situations guarding your attention.

Modern technologies with use of electrodes and special tests of check of hearing allow to reveal problems of the hearing aid even in some days after the birth of the child.

If the kid carries out listed below action, with hearing it has no problems closes eyes or shudders at loud sounds; turns the head towards the speaking person; looks towards the arisen sound; learns the name; likes to listen to children's verses and songs.

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For example, Frenchwoman

For example, FrenchwomanFortunately, at small children it is perfectly developedinstinct of selfpreservation and they it is usually so activeprotest against this or that form of occupations,that parents should look for other waystraining.

For example, Frenchwoman CecileTo Lupan page in the book Believe in the child tells,as could adapt system of Daman forown children.

From it it is really possiblea lot of things to borrow.

It is necessary to combine only skillfullyelements of this system with other techniques of the earlydevelopments.

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How it is possible

How it is possible They, appear, became interested in this technique but as soon as business reached practice, the habit of a ban joined.

They are frightened by the Internet with its possible .

They try to supervise information which arrives to children.

Really, on many sites on the Internet there is also negative information.

How it is possible to allow for the child to be there, in what form – Certainly, the Internet is absolutely free environment and twoedged mo to be both a life elixir, and death poison.

And youth, naturally, with its hormonal splashes, a caution on about shchestvenny opinion, with her internal state, being often unstable psychologically, it is subject to every possible risks.

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After all you teach

After all you teach But after all we learn it to speak, making words of letters and syllables which it can rather purely to utter.

And sound of h, combination of concordants in this case St, , and are inconvenient for a pronunciation.

And, besides, in fairy tales for the smallest bast shoes attribute indispensable, and an owl with its big eyes it is so expressive that it draw almost on each branch.

All this seems simple only at first sight.

After all you teach the child not only to tell words on syllables.

Very long it cannot utter syllables purely, hardly are remembered by their sequence in a word.

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I realized

I realized Suddenly he told something very offensive, and to me it became sad the sky darkened, dug a rain.

Then the teacher apologized and explained that is proud of me.

The sun left because of a cloud, the rain stopped.

Fine lesson.

I realized that my thoughts influence perception of weather and that I allow his words to change me.

And still I realized that each my word and each thought are capable to influence everything around.

In England I got acquainted with the woman who told to me such story When I told to the threeyear son that it is time to it in preparatory school, he looked at me very quietly and declared It is not necessary for me in school.

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