Game course

Game course Big feet go on the road Purpose development of imitation movements and speech of the adult word repetition onomatopoeias TOP TOP; words FEET, the LE it is EXPENSIVE; phrases the BIG FEET, FEET go etc.

; physical development.

Game course Offer children game Feet and legs.

Let's play in game Feet and legs we will go and run.

Listen to the poem, repeat for me! Big feet go on the road TOP TOP TOP! we speak a deep voice, highly we lift feet, we take wide steps Small legs ran on a path Top top top, top top top! we speak a thin voice, we run the small short steps Induce children to carry out movements together with you, in the right places poems inserting an onomatopoeia the TOP TOP TOP further induce children to repeat words and phrases ask questions What is it feet, What feet big feet That are done by feet Feet go.


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