Offer other

Offer other Offer the child a toy; probably, it will distract it.

Or the child wants to play with keys from the car.

Clean keys from a field of vision of the child.

Offer other subject.

DEVELOPMENT STAGES ON the th WEEK of Change in the child which you can notice Physical development takes the first independent steps can go, when it is held by a hand by Sense organs and reflexes prefers one of handsIntellectual development distinguishes the animals represented on pictures remembers occurring events for a long time Social development prefers communication with people and favourite toys can kiss, if about it ask sharply reacts to disagreements between parents can resist to feeding is afraid of strangers and places wants to eat independently Each kid is individual and can carry out some actions earlier or later, than it is done by other children.

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I advise

I advise And the correct desires will be realized here.

let's unite – What would you wish, to people who already are now ready to join in this system – We now for the first time in history create our educational Internet portal in many languages.

We work at twenty six languages, ours from divisions exist practically worldwide.

I advise to all our listeners, to the audience to try to understand, to what about at once can improve our life.

We already entered into the period of big crises.

Hiding the truth, to us say that crisis passed.

The people prosecuting these subjects, understand that passed nothing.

Hiding a layer behind a layer, we as though accumulate radioaktivny deviations which start to flare inside, ready to blow up.

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Than earlier

Than earlier Functioning of the hearing aid and possibility to speak are inseparably linked among themselves.

Than earlier you will notice a problem and address to the doctor, that will be chances for favorable development of speech of the child more.

AS the CHILD FOR the th WEEK MATURED The risk of emergence of problems with hearing waits for the child at different stages of his life.

Violations can cause the following reasons birth of the premature child; oxygen insufficiency at the time of delivery; transferring of serious infectious diseases of a middle and internal ear; existence of congenital pathology, such, as crevice of an upper lip and sky, auricle deformation, partial or total absence of an auricle, deformation of the head, neck, back; transferring of bacterial meningitis; the burdened heredity connected with loss of hearing at the close relatives.

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For a start, as before, I give

For a start, as before, I give We start the following stage.

Quite difficult business is development by the child coordinated offers.

For a start, as before, I give it a sample pattern, which it should be strongly acquired.

Now the child speaks not give me the book, and I want, that you gave me the book.

The phrase though lon but consists from one and disyllables which he without effort repeats for me on everyone lesson.

It, this phrase, as well as all other samples, is adhered to constantly repeating situation.

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They look at you during

They look at you duringLove the unique real miracle.

They look at you during this instant And wait, that you showed it of.

Matter is not that they do not understand love,Simply it serves as the bridge between heart and mind.

there is this bridge,And they will render to you a hundred times.

They go on this bridge for its part,And you with the.

The secret in meeting in the middle.

Light not at the end of the tunnel.

It burns not so far,Also do not look for it out of a personal experience.

It and now in you.

It never died away,As well as you never left God's Consciousness.

You have no place to go,There is nothing to make.

Take the child by the hand And a billeting near it motionless and it is silent.

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