Such carrying

Such carrying The former way of carrying when the child was before you, does not suit any more.

Your back does not maintain.

A remarkable way of carrying of the child at this age on a back.

The adaptation for carrying bears a faint resemblance to a tourist backpack.

Such carrying is equipped with a rigid metal design which allows to hold reliably the kid on a back.

This adaptation happens irreplaceable for many parents who are actively moving with the kid.

The most part of adaptations for carrying of children is behind calculated on age since months.

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Be , repeating

Be , repeating Respect the child, the vacationer, or observingfor work of others, or reflectingabout that it did or gathersto do.

Help those who wants to work, but whilecannot choose occupation to liking.

Be , repeating the child of presentation,which he refused earlier, helpingto the child to master earlier not mastered,Montessori's method to overcome imperfection.

Do it,filling world around with care, restraintand silence, mercy and love.

Be ready to help the child, whichis in search, and to be imperceptiblefor that child whom already everything found.

In the treatment of the child always usethe best manners also offer itthe best that is in you.

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What's next

What's next Through any time there were shoots.


What's next Vitalik forgot long ago about the impression received from these shoots.

And here if at a dacha it, will have own small bed, its small personal economy that is another matter.

Let the garden radish, fennel, oats that favors there grow but.

It is possible to di weed, water, reap a crop.

Certainly, not since morning to nights, not too strainin combining business with pleasure.

Sarkis tears grass leaves to pieces, puts in a big pan, long disturbs cooks porridge.

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Thus at all it is not required

Thus at all it is not requiredThe task of the tutor consists in givingto game the correct direction and gradually to developby means of game everything that is given to the child by the nature.

Thus at all it is not required any coercion it is enough to induce the child to makethat he would make if understood itself.

Especially in detail Frebel developed thought on importanceacquaintances to natural sciences lifeit is expressed most visually and variously in the nature,therefore any person most easier learns idealives, watching the nature.

MOST POPULAR TECHNIQUES OF EDUCATIONSpecial role in understanding of life, its development and the organizationit is allocated for concept unities in variety.

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Mimicry movements

Mimicry movements Small motility movements and actions by brushes and fingers of hands.

Mimicry movements of face muscles, the eyes, reflecting various feelings person pleasure, grief, concern, surprise, fear etc.

Violations of speech development group of different types of deviations in the speech development, having a various etiology, , expressiveness degree.

At N.



it is disturbed speech development, discrepancies are shown normal , backlog at speed.

Speech violations synonyms speech disturbance, speech violations, defects of speech, speech shortcomings, speech deviations, speech pathology deviations of speech speaking from the language norm accepted in this language environment, being shown in partsialny partial violations sound pronunciations, voices, speed and a rhythm etc.

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