Roughly endures

Roughly endures Vitalik does not enter, and rushes into a room, loudly welcoming the present.

It accompanies the greetings of the vigorous gesticulation, mobile mimicry.

Roughly endures adventures book heroes, accompanies read by comments.

Became very much it is emotional, actively reacts to the events around, from the typical the introvert turned into the typical extrovert.

The boy is independent, on questions finds own, not the sample the answer, expressing the personal opinion.

SARKIS Sarkis came to me with mother very nice blackeyed the kid with the round face, accurately outlined eyebrows and a bright flush on cheeks.

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Unfortunately, we are in tseytto

Unfortunately, we are in tseytto The modern person does not have it absolutely, and to it it is absolutely indifferent.

to it it is not so necessary neither a family, nor children, neither relatives, nor friends.

it interests only how to have a good time, which the nature allocated for it for the period of the existence called by life.

whether there is at us time to be engaged in education It is long process, to tory demands creation of the whole system.

Unfortunately, we are in tseytto a note because in years we will finish use still remained resurowls, and then will be nothing.

These are data from the published and unpublished researches.

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Besides, Glenn

Besides, Glenn It is recommended to teach the kidto do everything that only it is possible, for strengtheningbody muscles.

Thus, on the first yearit is possible to make very serious reserve for all itfuture life.

It is confirmed also by many athletes,occupied leading situation thankingto that they took a racket in hands, left on ice orstarted to float not later than two years.

Besides, Glenn Doman considers, and it is checkedto them on sick children that physical development stimulatesthe intellectual.

When to the child year will be executed,important in parallel with physical development to beginto develop linguistic, mathematical and othersabilities.

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And to jumps

And to jumpsCecile Lupan Believe in the child For development of balance of Lupan suggests to getbalance beam, and for development the chestcages to move on the horizontalto the ladder located over the head of the kid.

In months years the kid starts to go.

Lupanin practice shows, how it is possible to help the childto enjoy long walkson foot, races and jumps.

And to jumps itgives particular attention and divides them into two categoriesthat help to overcome fear of height, and those,which simply learn the child to jump.

The age from to years of Lupan allocates as especiallyactive as the kid already a lot of things is ableand thanks to it should develop further.

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There someone

There someone There we found a little table and three shops.

There someone put them, still found a plate and steel from them to build lodges.

We built built, and then went home.

Mother with Dasha collected a St.

John's Wort that then in the winter broth to make and drink.

It medicine for an illness.

[Still we found] mushrooms and nuts.

And then mother dug a bouquet from a yarrow and a tansy.

Then we came, and for Dashenka there arrived the father and took away it.

She got sad, it would not like to leave from us.

She has a little cry.

When we woke up, there arrived father Sascha.

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