Physical The day dream in total makes no more than , hours.

Daily the kid is awake , hours.

Physical development of the kid The kid likes to be rolled from a stomach on a back and from a back on a stomach.

Children use a perekatyvaniye as a way of movement on a room.

The kid for the present cannot creep, but lifts the trunk on hands and the feet bent in knees and is long shaken backwardsforward.

The child fits well.

Some children are not able to sit down independently yet and need the help.

When the kid sits, to it panoramas open unprecedented before! The kid uses the handsThe kid starts to use hands for food.

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Other situation. Vasya

Other situation. Vasya Without having given to the kid neither to think, nor to think, to take the machine, the grandmother or mother already drive it a hand on a table where it, this machine Aha, here it! Hand the child we hold, we push her, the machine we stretch.

Other situation.

Vasya has a cerebral paralysis, till years he did not speak uniform word.

Now to it , it did not seize still phrase speech, but words potato, sausages, sausage, milk at it already turn out well, though he tells them slowly.

Vasya to give potatoes to you asks the grandmother and, without waiting the answer, imposes a potato in Vasina a plate.

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For such

For such I understood, it is how important to pick up correctly a transmission medium of this message which, on my belief, possesses huge reformative potential.

For such information the respective canal, capable to broadcast love was necessary, and all my attention was absorbed by search of such channel.

Now I know that the part of the message accepted by me that evenin is reflected in these pages.

Yes, partly it this article, partly I, and also you became means of expression.

All of us somewhat are conductors or tools.

Instruments of love.

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MOSCOW CRIMINAL Silently sleep a back to a back Also purr in a dream.


Here on backs turned, children lay down on a back Also woke up! lift hands and feet up and actively them move The teacher or one of children represents a dog.

The teacher makes comments There is a shaggy dog.

GAVGAV! And call him Barbos.

GAVGAV! Here kittens play pranks I will catch all kittens! dog playfully barks, children kittens rise from a carpet and run up House bi house small Purpose development of imitation movements and speech of the adult repetition amorphous words of OYOYOY, AHAHAH; words HOUSES, BEAR, HARE, BI The SMALL; phrases the HOUSE BI the BEAR went.

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Over time firstborns

Over time firstborns As in a family only one child, all their expectations, expectations and personal problems agree on it.

Each adult considers necessary to give to this child what was not in his life.

There is a universal experiment.

Sometimes on one child such loading which three and more children could sustain only lays down.

Over time firstborns start to treat very exactingly everything that do.

They cannot present at all that it is possible to do something at half strength.

Having got used to hope only for itself, they hardly perceive then situations where it is possible to share loading and duties.

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