We should

We should We speak about those children whom started to bring up with the birth.

We should facilitate somehow to ourselves life.

It is impossible to break children, already slobeing egoistically, it is necessary to begin with the prepared.

We came to it on the experience.

And then it is, gradually, possible to accept this Wednesday and uncorrected de ty, developing in the wrong environment.

Having the strong environment, we can enter into it strangers and correct them.

Because correction occurs only under the influence of an example of people around.

Similarity to the nature –safety guarantee – Parents are concerned that the child growing in such society mo to appear is unduly dependent on opinion of people around and will lose nezavia simost.

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To what it leads

To what it leads Probably, it helps many parents to give less time to requests of the child and to be engaged in the affairs more.

To what it leads With age some functions of an organism are weakened and a ban and clips start to be remembered.

If the child did not receive the help in the natural desires from the very beginnin it spoiled these signals.

As a result parents should accustom the child to a pot then.

The ban to write though it was possible in diapers, leads then to problems in urinogenital system.

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In the first

In the first Other part of children even during systematic occupations it appears it is not capable to overcome completely the speech insufficiency, at school age they have problems with assimilation of written speech Disgrafiya, dyslexia.

In the first case it is possible to speak about a delay of speech development ZRR, in the second case about the general nedorazvitiya of speech ONR.

Features of occupations with children of early age Work with children of early age demands a special approach.

Occupations with small children differ from occupations with preschool children not only volume and maintenance of a material, but also specific receptions of carrying out occupations.

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If it only

If it only If it only the trick, then leaves, as these fifteen children too outstanding conjurers, managed to cheat scientists of the Stenfordsky research institute equipped with the absolute scientific equipment.

Results of this check and further researches of Stenfordsky institute are published in the Nature magazine for October, The newspaper New York a time immediately reacted to this event editorial article where, in particular, it is told The scientific community realized that there is a sense to pay attention to messages on possibility of ekstrasensorny perception and to subject the corresponding certificates to careful scientific research.

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Imagine since

Imagine since Thanks to it children will understand a root of problems which the world of adults faces, and will learn to build other relationship – both social, and business character.

Imagine since early years your child in practice gets acquainted with realities of the integrated world that the general harms In this regard see the collection of articles of the Nobel winner in Daniel Kaneman's economy rationalism, honesty, happiness , and also many other researches.

to stvo, harms also to it, and actions on advantage of society, on the contrary, bear to it benefit and recognition.

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