Therefore Development of a motility of hands Development of movements and impellent skills in the childhood The impellent activity of the child is higher, the better it develops.

Level developments of movement influences physical and mental development of the child.

Therefore it is so important to pay attention to development of the general and small motility of the kid, since the earliest childhood.

Before starting the description of conditions of development of manual activity, it would be desirable to make small retreat, having talked about value of the impellent skills in human life.

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Children We recognized in them eternal beings who once again returned to human life on Earth, and treated them with due respect.

Children always answer the world with the same therefore pupils of Yin Jan were always full of love and life.

And to this day, when some of them already for twenty, they are executed the greatest good fortune.

With each family we worked as with a whole, proceeding from interrelations between a family and the child.

During our spiritual consultations the teacher clairvoyant read agreements between members of the family.

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The younger

The youngerSo, the girl can even aspire to look as the boy and will be, as it seems to it, to love occupations of the father if he dreamed to be engaged in it with the son.

Such girls go on fishin on stadium to support a father's favorite team and even choose man's specialty to please the father.

Speaking about the younger child, we will stop on his features.

The younger child gets used to receive love and caress from all members of the family therefore grows with this condition.

He got used to love and easy and cheerfully treats life.

Many younger belong to life as to game and can manipulate people around.

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And the nature

And the nature It it will be not simple brought up, it will have necessary skills for a survival.

The one who will understand that integration, mutual responsibility will survive only,concessions, association is a call of the nature.

And the nature purpose – to result chelovechea stvo in similarity to itself – to harmony and perfection.

Development of the person from to Children are our future.

In the world of ours tomorrow they will be owners, and we can already change nothin but today their development in many respects depends on us.

The book development of the person from to traces formation of the person on ceremonious since the period of prenatal development and finishing age of years – mothe cop of occurrence into adult life.

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Here the disgusting

Here the disgusting It is preferable to take the book illustrations to which will give to the child possibility to get used to a situation, actively empathizing heroes.

Here the disgusting dirty creature with a huge spoon chases the poor kitty.

In a room a disorder, on a floor a pool, on a table of the mountain dirty ware, mice lodged in fragmentary boots.

Having coordinated belongings in a small knot, the cat leaves the house, and after it abandon the hostess of a pillow, blankets, ware and all other option all of known Fedora.

Jumping on to pools, the girl tries to catch up with them, but far from it! Eventually by common efforts of it throw into a trough, and here it pure! the ruddy! on the pleasure everything begins to live in a new way washes clothes, bathes a cat, repairs the house, breaks round it a magnificent garden.

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