Game course

Game course Big feet go on the road Purpose development of imitation movements and speech of the adult word repetition onomatopoeias TOP TOP; words FEET, the LE it is EXPENSIVE; phrases the BIG FEET, FEET go etc.

; physical development.

Game course Offer children game Feet and legs.

Let's play in game Feet and legs we will go and run.

Listen to the poem, repeat for me! Big feet go on the road TOP TOP TOP! we speak a deep voice, highly we lift feet, we take wide steps Small legs ran on a path Top top top, top top top! we speak a thin voice, we run the small short steps Induce children to carry out movements together with you, in the right places poems inserting an onomatopoeia the TOP TOP TOP further induce children to repeat words and phrases ask questions What is it feet, What feet big feet That are done by feet Feet go.

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Be not surprised, if your

Be not surprised, if your Such relation to the world does possible the cross analysis of images.

Brush dab in operating time over a picture can prompt to such artist the solution of a chemical task.

Many great scientists Nikola Tesla, Bakminister Fuller, George Washington, Carver and Albert Einstein gave rise to brilliant ideas, considering clouds.

Sometimes they received information from the past or the future.

Be not surprised, if your children manage something similar! I met very clever children who at all were not given reading or mathematics.

Once me asked to communicate to the young man who had problems at school.

He practically was not able to read letters and printing words had for it no any sense.

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Naturally, he asks. If in a familyone

Naturally, he asks. If in a familyone Main issue when to begin such education in the initialto school or in average Ibuka found this questionthe inappropriate.

Sexual life is the sphere of instincts,why it is necessary to hide from the child the truth toa certain age, and then suddenly to start to speakabout itThough the small child feels as a beingneutral gender, already in two or three years it starts to setthe questions concerning sexual problems.

At firstit opens for itselfhimself that the father and mother are arrangeddifferently.

Naturally, he asks.

If in a familyone more child is born, the kid interests,as the brother or the little sister were born.

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We regularly

We regularly The education system, on stroyenny on the concept of studying of laws of the integrated and interdependent world, is a necessary condition of introduction of positive changes in mankind life.

Our development is based on scientific adaptation of thousandyear experience, to tory contains the system solution of modern problems.

We regularly initiate dialogue about world crisis, considering it as possibility to make positive changes in global consciousness.

In gla a corner we set as education of future generations on purpose to help them to cope successfully largescale climatic, economic and geopolitichewith sky changes.

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But is also

But is also Whether the firm food is pleasant to the kid Many children like firm food, and they eat feeding up and porridge products with pleasure.

But is also such who does not like taste and a consistence of new food, and they refuse it.

If your kid does not wish to pass to firm food, do not insist on it.

Time for decisionmaking that you in life will never force the child Perhaps, came there are products and dishes which are not pleasant to it! Forcing the child there is that he does not want, you promote emergence at it numerous problems with food further.

If the child continues to refuse feeding up dishes, do not insist, but daily offer a porridge teaspoon.

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