– By our results

– By our results Selfesteem which you raise in the child the relation to it, very important! I think that if parents together with children looked horoshy television, Internet programs where the correct communication would be shown, the relations – with every possible problems, with examinations, – that is which allfamily film Fathers and children, these two levels, – that would be good.

– By our results the maximum interest caused joint about review of transfers where children tell how they perceive the give rise pour.

It was very interesting! It were twelve years children, and parents for the first time heard, as they look in the opinion of the children.

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Such toys can be made

Such toys can be made In this game the various mechanical are used clockwork toys a chicken, a doggie, hours, machines, etc.

To show theater on fingers Development of the thin differentiated movements of fingers of hands.

For game in theater on fingers it is necessary to get rag Or wooden figures, which are put on fingers.

At on power of these figures can play small plots.

At game with fingertype dolls children serially move different fingers when that or other character speaks, moves or bows.

Such toys can be made from paper or to draw on small pillows of fingers amusing mugs.

It is possible to use old gloves if to sew eyes beads and threads hair, fantastic characters turn out.

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We talked

We talked Shanti's once even joyfully waved with a hand to the friend who remained invisible to us, adults.

Just during Jimmy's this moment told that works over the book about education of children psychics.

We talked about kids who make surprising things for example, bend spoons effort of will, move small subjects, transfer to thought to distance and so forth.

This subject very much us interested, as we already noticed that our small sorcerer continually transfers us messages.

Then Jimmy suggested us to write article for his book.

This idea pleased at once to us though Shanti also was not able to bend subjects by means of thought, we felt, how it promotes expansion of our consciousness.

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Here Vanya

Here Vanya In and N I.


It is a typical example of a kontaminatsiya, so characteristic for children's speech creativity.

Here Vanya sits with the book somewhere aside, but it is not simple considers pictures he tells itselfhimself the fairy tale, is independent it makes comments.

And here it for another pulls out one from a card box.

And I I hear Bug as though.

Bug deer.


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But while

But while For them it is the most important.

All researches of fauna show that their behavior directs for boat about safety of young growth.

And we Let's be at least at level of animals! Let's rise and above, of course, but now at least this level with it we will provide.

But while parents are compelled to leave the children to the mercy of fate, to give to educational institutions where it is not known that with them do.

Malchi start to leave from under female influence only in years! And then they get to army where all appears absolutely opposite before to ydushchy experience.

They endure huge internal crisis, shock.

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