It is not a pity

It is not a pityRespect each separate minute for she will die never will repeat, and it always seriously; ranevyminute will begin to bleed, killed to disturb prizralump of bad memoirs.

Let's allow children to revel in pleasure of morning I to trust.

Exactly the child so wants.

It is not a pity to it times on skaz, on conversation with a do on a ball game, on the detailedpicture examinin on letter copyin and allit lovingly.

It is right.

We fondly are afraid, death, without understanding that life it is a round dance dying and again born mgnoveniya.

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That is why us so pulls

That is why us so pullsUnder the influence of Mozart's music.

Under the influence of musical hard rock style.

Such water adjusts an organism, harmonizes it and revitalizes.

That is why us so pulls to the sea, the ocean or the river.

Our organism as though talks to water, and receiving information.

Not always mother lives in harmony with this world.

Its milk is a necessary set of substances which allows the kid to raise and develop.

Water gives the chance to itto balance the organism and to receive curative information.

Certainly, bathing can give a part of such information to an organism of the child.

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My sister

My sister The ant is not right.

So all dragonflies .

The tree is a part of the nature which we breathe.

Bad people is what prevent to live to good people.

Chains are in a dungeon.

Riddle it where things, people, events are hidden.

These are answers to my questions.

And here independent reasonings Everything has the limit we die, iron rusts.

My sister too has friends, girlfriends who live nearby.

To put it briefly, it's a small world.

And simply messages And me today in a mouth buzzed drilled teeth.


And I in kindergarten fought, beat children.

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What is the most

What is the most In particular it concerns children, living in the big city where there is a possibility to address to to experts the quantity passes to quality not always in the positive sense.

What is the most difficult in your work If not the most difficult, in any case, one of the pervostateyny tasks establishment of contact to parents is.

Without it, without that that the child under their management carried out the indispensable house tasks, business will not go.

But after all not all parents possess intuition, patience, pedagogical talent.

It simply people with all them merits and demerits.

And I should work on two fronts to train the child and at the same time the adult, already developed person.

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