At children

At children Earlier existing concept and that was meant by it a call of the blood, do not affect these children.

Here it is necessary to consider, of course, and that many of these children could be indigo children.

It is known that children have indigo program and the differences.

These children do not accept authorities, but that I managed to notice, is connected rather with the relation to dear people, rather than to fight against authority as that.

At children who were exposed to ultrasonography, it is often possible to notice aggression, games with the frightening shouts, the weakened nervous system.

Whom it will be The child grows and develops in a womb, and parents dream of the one who at them will be born and than will be engaged.

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Give potopay

Give potopay Be attentive! Purpose development of speech hearing abilities attentively to listen to words.

Game course The child or children become opposite to the teacher.

At first the teacher offers children and to clap.

Give potopay legs here so! And now we will clap in palms! We stamp! We clap! We stamp! We clap! During an explanation the adult at first stamps and claps together with children, then simply says teams, and children carry out movements.

Then the teacher offers new rules.

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