He sits

He sits Every time I draw attention of children to to that should be already well known to them but that appeared in other, to unusual situation.

Here it is not known how appeared the king the character who is rather alien to the book Gold key, whose emergence was met by children with big bewilderment.

He sits on to pillow with a fringe, almost same what is available at my place.

On the head at the king a crown, on shoulders a cloak.

Neither a crown, nor a cloak for us not news, we saw them enough.

It is necessary only that children turned on them attention.

And the white bridge bent by an arch in accuracy such it is thrown through the Yauza Small River along which go on a lesson Sarkis and Vanya K.

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  • If it only
  • For a start, as before, I give
  • Tell to the pediatrist
  • And the nature
  • I realized
  • Offer other
  • But while
  • For example, Frenchwoman
  • In the first