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Tell to the pediatrist

Be attentive and watch behavior of the child.Tell to the pediatrist about any situations guarding your attention.Modern technologies with use of electrodes and special tests of check of hearing allow to reveal problems of the hearing aid even in some days after the birth of the child.If the kid carries out listed below action, with hearing it has no problems closes eyes or shudders at loud sounds; turns the head towards the speaking person; looks towards the arisen sound; learns the name; likes to listen to children's verses and songs.

For example, Frenchwoman

Fortunately, at small children it is perfectly developedinstinct of selfpreservation and they it is usually so activeprotest against this or that form of occupations,that parents should look for other waystraining.For example, Frenchwoman CecileTo Lupan page in the book Believe in the child tells,as could adapt system of Daman forown children.From it it is really possiblea lot of things to borrow.It is necessary to combine only skillfullyelements of this system with other techniques of the earlydevelopments.

How it is possible

They, appear, became interested in this technique but as soon as business reached practice, the habit of a ban joined.They are frightened by the Internet with its possible .They try to supervise information which arrives to children.Really, on many sites on the Internet there is also negative information.How it is possible to allow for the child to be there, in what form – Certainly, the Internet is absolutely free environment and twoedged mo to be both a life elixir, and death poison.And youth, naturally, with its hormonal splashes, a caution on about shchestvenny opinion, with her internal state, being often unstable psychologically, it is subject to every possible risks.

After all you teach

But after all we learn it to speak, making words of letters and syllables which it can rather purely to utter.And sound of h, combination of concordants in this case St, , and are inconvenient for a pronunciation.And, besides, in fairy tales for the smallest bast shoes attribute indispensable, and an owl with its big eyes it is so expressive that it draw almost on each branch.All this seems simple only at first sight.After all you teach the child not only to tell words on syllables.Very long it cannot utter syllables purely, hardly are remembered by their sequence in a word.

I realized

Suddenly he told something very offensive, and to me it became sad the sky darkened, dug a rain.Then the teacher apologized and explained that is proud of me.The sun left because of a cloud, the rain stopped.Fine lesson.I realized that my thoughts influence perception of weather and that I allow his words to change me.And still I realized that each my word and each thought are capable to influence everything around.In England I got acquainted with the woman who told to me such story When I told to the threeyear son that it is time to it in preparatory school, he looked at me very quietly and declared It is not necessary for me in school.

Offer other

Offer the child a toy; probably, it will distract it.Or the child wants to play with keys from the car.Clean keys from a field of vision of the child.Offer other subject.DEVELOPMENT STAGES ON the th WEEK of Change in the child which you can notice Physical development takes the first independent steps can go, when it is held by a hand by Sense organs and reflexes prefers one of handsIntellectual development distinguishes the animals represented on pictures remembers occurring events for a long time Social development prefers communication with people and favourite toys can kiss, if about it ask sharply reacts to disagreements between parents can resist to feeding is afraid of strangers and places wants to eat independently Each kid is individual and can carry out some actions earlier or later, than it is done by other children.

I advise

And the correct desires will be realized here.let's unite – What would you wish, to people who already are now ready to join in this system – We now for the first time in history create our educational Internet portal in many languages.We work at twenty six languages, ours from divisions exist practically worldwide.I advise to all our listeners, to the audience to try to understand, to what about at once can improve our life.We already entered into the period of big crises.Hiding the truth, to us say that crisis passed.The people prosecuting these subjects, understand that passed nothing.Hiding a layer behind a layer, we as though accumulate radioaktivny deviations which start to flare inside, ready to blow up.

Than earlier

Functioning of the hearing aid and possibility to speak are inseparably linked among themselves.Than earlier you will notice a problem and address to the doctor, that will be chances for favorable development of speech of the child more.AS the CHILD FOR the th WEEK MATURED The risk of emergence of problems with hearing waits for the child at different stages of his life.Violations can cause the following reasons birth of the premature child; oxygen insufficiency at the time of delivery; transferring of serious infectious diseases of a middle and internal ear; existence of congenital pathology, such, as crevice of an upper lip and sky, auricle deformation, partial or total absence of an auricle, deformation of the head, neck, back; transferring of bacterial meningitis; the burdened heredity connected with loss of hearing at the close relatives.

For a start, as before, I give

We start the following stage.Quite difficult business is development by the child coordinated offers.For a start, as before, I give it a sample pattern, which it should be strongly acquired.Now the child speaks not give me the book, and I want, that you gave me the book.The phrase though lon but consists from one and disyllables which he without effort repeats for me on everyone lesson.It, this phrase, as well as all other samples, is adhered to constantly repeating situation.

They look at you during

Love the unique real miracle.They look at you during this instant And wait, that you showed it of.Matter is not that they do not understand love,Simply it serves as the bridge between heart and mind.there is this bridge,And they will render to you a hundred times.They go on this bridge for its part,And you with the.The secret in meeting in the middle.Light not at the end of the tunnel.It burns not so far,Also do not look for it out of a personal experience.It and now in you.It never died away,As well as you never left God's Consciousness.You have no place to go,There is nothing to make.Take the child by the hand And a billeting near it motionless and it is silent.

Roughly endures

Vitalik does not enter, and rushes into a room, loudly welcoming the present.It accompanies the greetings of the vigorous gesticulation, mobile mimicry.Roughly endures adventures book heroes, accompanies read by comments.Became very much it is emotional, actively reacts to the events around, from the typical the introvert turned into the typical extrovert.The boy is independent, on questions finds own, not the sample the answer, expressing the personal opinion.SARKIS Sarkis came to me with mother very nice blackeyed the kid with the round face, accurately outlined eyebrows and a bright flush on cheeks.

Unfortunately, we are in tseytto

The modern person does not have it absolutely, and to it it is absolutely indifferent.to it it is not so necessary neither a family, nor children, neither relatives, nor friends.it interests only how to have a good time, which the nature allocated for it for the period of the existence called by life.whether there is at us time to be engaged in education It is long process, to tory demands creation of the whole system.Unfortunately, we are in tseytto a note because in years we will finish use still remained resurowls, and then will be nothing.These are data from the published and unpublished researches.

Besides, Glenn

It is recommended to teach the kidto do everything that only it is possible, for strengtheningbody muscles.Thus, on the first yearit is possible to make very serious reserve for all itfuture life.It is confirmed also by many athletes,occupied leading situation thankingto that they took a racket in hands, left on ice orstarted to float not later than two years.Besides, Glenn Doman considers, and it is checkedto them on sick children that physical development stimulatesthe intellectual.When to the child year will be executed,important in parallel with physical development to beginto develop linguistic, mathematical and othersabilities.

And to jumps

Cecile Lupan Believe in the child For development of balance of Lupan suggests to getbalance beam, and for development the chestcages to move on the horizontalto the ladder located over the head of the kid.In months years the kid starts to go.Lupanin practice shows, how it is possible to help the childto enjoy long walkson foot, races and jumps.And to jumps itgives particular attention and divides them into two categoriesthat help to overcome fear of height, and those,which simply learn the child to jump.The age from to years of Lupan allocates as especiallyactive as the kid already a lot of things is ableand thanks to it should develop further.

There someone

There we found a little table and three shops.There someone put them, still found a plate and steel from them to build lodges.We built built, and then went home.Mother with Dasha collected a St.John's Wort that then in the winter broth to make and drink.It medicine for an illness.[Still we found] mushrooms and nuts.And then mother dug a bouquet from a yarrow and a tansy.Then we came, and for Dashenka there arrived the father and took away it.She got sad, it would not like to leave from us.She has a little cry.When we woke up, there arrived father Sascha.


The day dream in total makes no more than , hours.Daily the kid is awake , hours.Physical development of the kid The kid likes to be rolled from a stomach on a back and from a back on a stomach.Children use a perekatyvaniye as a way of movement on a room.The kid for the present cannot creep, but lifts the trunk on hands and the feet bent in knees and is long shaken backwardsforward.The child fits well.Some children are not able to sit down independently yet and need the help.When the kid sits, to it panoramas open unprecedented before! The kid uses the handsThe kid starts to use hands for food.

Other situation. Vasya

For such

I understood, it is how important to pick up correctly a transmission medium of this message which, on my belief, possesses huge reformative potential.For such information the respective canal, capable to broadcast love was necessary, and all my attention was absorbed by search of such channel.Now I know that the part of the message accepted by me that evenin is reflected in these pages.Yes, partly it this article, partly I, and also you became means of expression.All of us somewhat are conductors or tools.Instruments of love.


Silently sleep a back to a back Also purr in a dream.MOSCOW CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION DEPARTMENTMOSCOW CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION DEPARTMENT, MOSCOW CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION DEPARTMENTMOSCOW CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION DEPARTMENT.Here on backs turned, children lay down on a back Also woke up! lift hands and feet up and actively them move The teacher or one of children represents a dog.The teacher makes comments There is a shaggy dog.GAVGAV! And call him Barbos.GAVGAV! Here kittens play pranks I will catch all kittens! dog playfully barks, children kittens rise from a carpet and run up House bi house small Purpose development of imitation movements and speech of the adult repetition amorphous words of OYOYOY, AHAHAH; words HOUSES, BEAR, HARE, BI The SMALL; phrases the HOUSE BI the BEAR went.

Over time firstborns

As in a family only one child, all their expectations, expectations and personal problems agree on it.Each adult considers necessary to give to this child what was not in his life.There is a universal experiment.Sometimes on one child such loading which three and more children could sustain only lays down.Over time firstborns start to treat very exactingly everything that do.They cannot present at all that it is possible to do something at half strength.Having got used to hope only for itself, they hardly perceive then situations where it is possible to share loading and duties.

I speak to the child

For this purpose the boy school rules which it mechanically jagged, are so incomprehensible abracadabra.For it appeared is not prepared to them to judgment.I speak to the child Tell moon, tell water etc.And then Tell to me a word the moon, a word water, etc.And he starts to understand that moon and water it words.And that the syllable here at all means you will get confused.We spoke on syllables, on cards on which we study to read, syllables oh, too were written, to hectare etc.House syllables forgot! Kolya speaks, without finding these cards in a package.Well tell me, Kolya what is represented on this the coach maker Sweeps.

At children

Earlier existing concept and that was meant by it a call of the blood, do not affect these children.Here it is necessary to consider, of course, and that many of these children could be indigo children.It is known that children have indigo program and the differences.These children do not accept authorities, but that I managed to notice, is connected rather with the relation to dear people, rather than to fight against authority as that.At children who were exposed to ultrasonography, it is often possible to notice aggression, games with the frightening shouts, the weakened nervous system.Whom it will be The child grows and develops in a womb, and parents dream of the one who at them will be born and than will be engaged.

Give potopay

Be attentive! Purpose development of speech hearing abilities attentively to listen to words.Game course The child or children become opposite to the teacher.At first the teacher offers children and to clap.Give potopay legs here so! And now we will clap in palms! We stamp! We clap! We stamp! We clap! During an explanation the adult at first stamps and claps together with children, then simply says teams, and children carry out movements.Then the teacher offers new rules.

He sits

Every time I draw attention of children to to that should be already well known to them but that appeared in other, to unusual situation.Here it is not known how appeared the king the character who is rather alien to the book Gold key, whose emergence was met by children with big bewilderment.He sits on to pillow with a fringe, almost same what is available at my place.On the head at the king a crown, on shoulders a cloak.Neither a crown, nor a cloak for us not news, we saw them enough.It is necessary only that children turned on them attention.And the white bridge bent by an arch in accuracy such it is thrown through the Yauza Small River along which go on a lesson Sarkis and Vanya K.

It is not a pity

Respect each separate minute for she will die never will repeat, and it always seriously; ranevyminute will begin to bleed, killed to disturb prizralump of bad memoirs.Let's allow children to revel in pleasure of morning I to trust.Exactly the child so wants.It is not a pity to it times on skaz, on conversation with a do on a ball game, on the detailedpicture examinin on letter copyin and allit lovingly.It is right.We fondly are afraid, death, without understanding that life it is a round dance dying and again born mgnoveniya.

That is why us so pulls

Under the influence of Mozart's music.Under the influence of musical hard rock style.Such water adjusts an organism, harmonizes it and revitalizes.That is why us so pulls to the sea, the ocean or the river.Our organism as though talks to water, and receiving information.Not always mother lives in harmony with this world.Its milk is a necessary set of substances which allows the kid to raise and develop.Water gives the chance to itto balance the organism and to receive curative information.Certainly, bathing can give a part of such information to an organism of the child.

My sister

The ant is not right.So all dragonflies .The tree is a part of the nature which we breathe.Bad people is what prevent to live to good people.Chains are in a dungeon.Riddle it where things, people, events are hidden.These are answers to my questions.And here independent reasonings Everything has the limit we die, iron rusts.My sister too has friends, girlfriends who live nearby.To put it briefly, it's a small world.And simply messages And me today in a mouth buzzed drilled teeth.River.And I in kindergarten fought, beat children.

What is the most

In particular it concerns children, living in the big city where there is a possibility to address to to experts the quantity passes to quality not always in the positive sense.What is the most difficult in your work If not the most difficult, in any case, one of the pervostateyny tasks establishment of contact to parents is.Without it, without that that the child under their management carried out the indispensable house tasks, business will not go.But after all not all parents possess intuition, patience, pedagogical talent.It simply people with all them merits and demerits.And I should work on two fronts to train the child and at the same time the adult, already developed person.

In family life, storing

Not silently to endure, , but to overcome,to come out the winner, to become stronger.Most of allbe afraid of minute when difficulty will seem to you truth of the pavlyshsky teacher Century Sukhomlinsky insuperable when there will be a thought to recede,to go on an easy way.In these words all Sukhomlinsky the humanistand teacher.In family life, storing the advantage,it is necessary to be able to concede each other.Children with oppressed feelings it, asrule, children with oppressed intelligence,the grown poor thought.In marriage for a minute the mutual does not stopeducation and selfeducation.

Having spread

Again you are surprised to what long nose at Buratino, what long beard at KarabasaBarabasa, what long plait at girl Masha.Having spread out on a chair a scarf, we fill it any trifle, we fasten.That there inside, in a small knot The hare has a carrot, at a clean kitty a slice soaps, kerchief, toothbrush.What there inside, in a box That inside in trunk Vanya answers a question why geese swans did not notice children Because hid there inside, in an appletree.Not simply shirt, and shirt in peas, in a strip, in a section.Get accustomed to drawings other shirts few.

We should

We speak about those children whom started to bring up with the birth.We should facilitate somehow to ourselves life.It is impossible to break children, already slobeing egoistically, it is necessary to begin with the prepared.We came to it on the experience.And then it is, gradually, possible to accept this Wednesday and uncorrected de ty, developing in the wrong environment.Having the strong environment, we can enter into it strangers and correct them.Because correction occurs only under the influence of an example of people around.Similarity to the nature –safety guarantee – Parents are concerned that the child growing in such society mo to appear is unduly dependent on opinion of people around and will lose nezavia simost.

To what it leads

Probably, it helps many parents to give less time to requests of the child and to be engaged in the affairs more.To what it leads With age some functions of an organism are weakened and a ban and clips start to be remembered.If the child did not receive the help in the natural desires from the very beginnin it spoiled these signals.As a result parents should accustom the child to a pot then.The ban to write though it was possible in diapers, leads then to problems in urinogenital system.

In the first

Other part of children even during systematic occupations it appears it is not capable to overcome completely the speech insufficiency, at school age they have problems with assimilation of written speech Disgrafiya, dyslexia.In the first case it is possible to speak about a delay of speech development ZRR, in the second case about the general nedorazvitiya of speech ONR.Features of occupations with children of early age Work with children of early age demands a special approach.Occupations with small children differ from occupations with preschool children not only volume and maintenance of a material, but also specific receptions of carrying out occupations.

If it only

If it only the trick, then leaves, as these fifteen children too outstanding conjurers, managed to cheat scientists of the Stenfordsky research institute equipped with the absolute scientific equipment.Results of this check and further researches of Stenfordsky institute are published in the Nature magazine for October, The newspaper New York a time immediately reacted to this event editorial article where, in particular, it is told The scientific community realized that there is a sense to pay attention to messages on possibility of ekstrasensorny perception and to subject the corresponding certificates to careful scientific research.

Imagine since

Thanks to it children will understand a root of problems which the world of adults faces, and will learn to build other relationship – both social, and business character.Imagine since early years your child in practice gets acquainted with realities of the integrated world that the general harms In this regard see the collection of articles of the Nobel winner in Daniel Kaneman's economy rationalism, honesty, happiness , and also many other researches.to stvo, harms also to it, and actions on advantage of society, on the contrary, bear to it benefit and recognition.


Development of a motility of hands Development of movements and impellent skills in the childhood The impellent activity of the child is higher, the better it develops.Level developments of movement influences physical and mental development of the child.Therefore it is so important to pay attention to development of the general and small motility of the kid, since the earliest childhood.Before starting the description of conditions of development of manual activity, it would be desirable to make small retreat, having talked about value of the impellent skills in human life.


We recognized in them eternal beings who once again returned to human life on Earth, and treated them with due respect.Children always answer the world with the same therefore pupils of Yin Jan were always full of love and life.And to this day, when some of them already for twenty, they are executed the greatest good fortune.With each family we worked as with a whole, proceeding from interrelations between a family and the child.During our spiritual consultations the teacher clairvoyant read agreements between members of the family.

The younger

So, the girl can even aspire to look as the boy and will be, as it seems to it, to love occupations of the father if he dreamed to be engaged in it with the son.Such girls go on fishin on stadium to support a father's favorite team and even choose man's specialty to please the father.Speaking about the younger child, we will stop on his features.The younger child gets used to receive love and caress from all members of the family therefore grows with this condition.He got used to love and easy and cheerfully treats life.Many younger belong to life as to game and can manipulate people around.

And the nature

It it will be not simple brought up, it will have necessary skills for a survival.The one who will understand that integration, mutual responsibility will survive only,concessions, association is a call of the nature.And the nature purpose – to result chelovechea stvo in similarity to itself – to harmony and perfection.Development of the person from to Children are our future.In the world of ours tomorrow they will be owners, and we can already change nothin but today their development in many respects depends on us.The book development of the person from to traces formation of the person on ceremonious since the period of prenatal development and finishing age of years – mothe cop of occurrence into adult life.

Here the disgusting

It is preferable to take the book illustrations to which will give to the child possibility to get used to a situation, actively empathizing heroes.Here the disgusting dirty creature with a huge spoon chases the poor kitty.In a room a disorder, on a floor a pool, on a table of the mountain dirty ware, mice lodged in fragmentary boots.Having coordinated belongings in a small knot, the cat leaves the house, and after it abandon the hostess of a pillow, blankets, ware and all other option all of known Fedora.Jumping on to pools, the girl tries to catch up with them, but far from it! Eventually by common efforts of it throw into a trough, and here it pure! the ruddy! on the pleasure everything begins to live in a new way washes clothes, bathes a cat, repairs the house, breaks round it a magnificent garden.

Game course

Big feet go on the road Purpose development of imitation movements and speech of the adult word repetition onomatopoeias TOP TOP; words FEET, the LE it is EXPENSIVE; phrases the BIG FEET, FEET go etc.; physical development.Game course Offer children game Feet and legs.Let's play in game Feet and legs we will go and run.Listen to the poem, repeat for me! Big feet go on the road TOP TOP TOP! we speak a deep voice, highly we lift feet, we take wide steps Small legs ran on a path Top top top, top top top! we speak a thin voice, we run the small short steps Induce children to carry out movements together with you, in the right places poems inserting an onomatopoeia the TOP TOP TOP further induce children to repeat words and phrases ask questions What is it feet, What feet big feet That are done by feet Feet go.

Be not surprised, if your

Such relation to the world does possible the cross analysis of images.Brush dab in operating time over a picture can prompt to such artist the solution of a chemical task.Many great scientists Nikola Tesla, Bakminister Fuller, George Washington, Carver and Albert Einstein gave rise to brilliant ideas, considering clouds.Sometimes they received information from the past or the future.Be not surprised, if your children manage something similar! I met very clever children who at all were not given reading or mathematics.Once me asked to communicate to the young man who had problems at school.He practically was not able to read letters and printing words had for it no any sense.

Naturally, he asks. If in a familyone

We regularly

The education system, on stroyenny on the concept of studying of laws of the integrated and interdependent world, is a necessary condition of introduction of positive changes in mankind life.Our development is based on scientific adaptation of thousandyear experience, to tory contains the system solution of modern problems.We regularly initiate dialogue about world crisis, considering it as possibility to make positive changes in global consciousness.In gla a corner we set as education of future generations on purpose to help them to cope successfully largescale climatic, economic and geopolitichewith sky changes.

But is also

Whether the firm food is pleasant to the kid Many children like firm food, and they eat feeding up and porridge products with pleasure.But is also such who does not like taste and a consistence of new food, and they refuse it.If your kid does not wish to pass to firm food, do not insist on it.Time for decisionmaking that you in life will never force the child Perhaps, came there are products and dishes which are not pleasant to it! Forcing the child there is that he does not want, you promote emergence at it numerous problems with food further.If the child continues to refuse feeding up dishes, do not insist, but daily offer a porridge teaspoon.

– By our results

Selfesteem which you raise in the child the relation to it, very important! I think that if parents together with children looked horoshy television, Internet programs where the correct communication would be shown, the relations – with every possible problems, with examinations, – that is which allfamily film Fathers and children, these two levels, – that would be good.– By our results the maximum interest caused joint about review of transfers where children tell how they perceive the give rise pour.It was very interesting! It were twelve years children, and parents for the first time heard, as they look in the opinion of the children.

Such toys can be made

In this game the various mechanical are used clockwork toys a chicken, a doggie, hours, machines, etc.To show theater on fingers Development of the thin differentiated movements of fingers of hands.For game in theater on fingers it is necessary to get rag Or wooden figures, which are put on fingers.At on power of these figures can play small plots.At game with fingertype dolls children serially move different fingers when that or other character speaks, moves or bows.Such toys can be made from paper or to draw on small pillows of fingers amusing mugs.It is possible to use old gloves if to sew eyes beads and threads hair, fantastic characters turn out.

We talked

Shanti's once even joyfully waved with a hand to the friend who remained invisible to us, adults.Just during Jimmy's this moment told that works over the book about education of children psychics.We talked about kids who make surprising things for example, bend spoons effort of will, move small subjects, transfer to thought to distance and so forth.This subject very much us interested, as we already noticed that our small sorcerer continually transfers us messages.Then Jimmy suggested us to write article for his book.This idea pleased at once to us though Shanti also was not able to bend subjects by means of thought, we felt, how it promotes expansion of our consciousness.

Here Vanya

In and N I.Stranglehold.It is a typical example of a kontaminatsiya, so characteristic for children's speech creativity.Here Vanya sits with the book somewhere aside, but it is not simple considers pictures he tells itselfhimself the fairy tale, is independent it makes comments.And here it for another pulls out one from a card box.And I I hear Bug as though.Bug deer.Horns.

But while

For them it is the most important.All researches of fauna show that their behavior directs for boat about safety of young growth.And we Let's be at least at level of animals! Let's rise and above, of course, but now at least this level with it we will provide.But while parents are compelled to leave the children to the mercy of fate, to give to educational institutions where it is not known that with them do.Malchi start to leave from under female influence only in years! And then they get to army where all appears absolutely opposite before to ydushchy experience.They endure huge internal crisis, shock.

Such carrying

The former way of carrying when the child was before you, does not suit any more.Your back does not maintain.A remarkable way of carrying of the child at this age on a back.The adaptation for carrying bears a faint resemblance to a tourist backpack.Such carrying is equipped with a rigid metal design which allows to hold reliably the kid on a back.This adaptation happens irreplaceable for many parents who are actively moving with the kid.The most part of adaptations for carrying of children is behind calculated on age since months.

Be , repeating

Respect the child, the vacationer, or observingfor work of others, or reflectingabout that it did or gathersto do.Help those who wants to work, but whilecannot choose occupation to liking.Be , repeating the child of presentation,which he refused earlier, helpingto the child to master earlier not mastered,Montessori's method to overcome imperfection.Do it,filling world around with care, restraintand silence, mercy and love.Be ready to help the child, whichis in search, and to be imperceptiblefor that child whom already everything found.In the treatment of the child always usethe best manners also offer itthe best that is in you.

What's next

Through any time there were shoots.Admired.What's next Vitalik forgot long ago about the impression received from these shoots.And here if at a dacha it, will have own small bed, its small personal economy that is another matter.Let the garden radish, fennel, oats that favors there grow but.It is possible to di weed, water, reap a crop.Certainly, not since morning to nights, not too strainin combining business with pleasure.Sarkis tears grass leaves to pieces, puts in a big pan, long disturbs cooks porridge.

Thus at all it is not required

The task of the tutor consists in givingto game the correct direction and gradually to developby means of game everything that is given to the child by the nature.Thus at all it is not required any coercion it is enough to induce the child to makethat he would make if understood itself.Especially in detail Frebel developed thought on importanceacquaintances to natural sciences lifeit is expressed most visually and variously in the nature,therefore any person most easier learns idealives, watching the nature.MOST POPULAR TECHNIQUES OF EDUCATIONSpecial role in understanding of life, its development and the organizationit is allocated for concept unities in variety.

Mimicry movements

Small motility movements and actions by brushes and fingers of hands.Mimicry movements of face muscles, the eyes, reflecting various feelings person pleasure, grief, concern, surprise, fear etc.Violations of speech development group of different types of deviations in the speech development, having a various etiology, , expressiveness degree.At N.R.R.it is disturbed speech development, discrepancies are shown normal , backlog at speed.Speech violations synonyms speech disturbance, speech violations, defects of speech, speech shortcomings, speech deviations, speech pathology deviations of speech speaking from the language norm accepted in this language environment, being shown in partsialny partial violations sound pronunciations, voices, speed and a rhythm etc.

He continually

The kid is glad to come here, and it is very pleasant to it that it honor and recognize at the same time as a body and as spirit.As the clairvoyant and the spiritual midwife, I noticed that till the birth the spirit locates in the left eye of mother.He continually travels between the divine sphere and a new body, finishing an old karma and clearing a way of new life.After all to the spirit storing information of the uncountable embodiments, it is necessary to enter into absolutely new body.Completely it is integrated into a body only where that between the first and second year of life of the child.Growing up, the kid uses information of antecedents and integriruyetdukhovny knowledge in a new body.


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